• Crawl Space Encapsulation

The problems in a house with a crawlspace—mold, wood rot, pests, cold floors, buckling hardwoods—all can be linked back to moisture problems in the crawlspace.
The old school of thought of adding more vents to circulate outside air through the crawlspace does not fix the moisture problems but actually makes them worse. Ultimately, closing the crawlspace (eliminating the outside vents and lining the ground and walls with a vapor barrier) controls the moisture and is the solution to the crawlspace problems.

Transform your damp, dirty, moldy crawl space into dry usable space, by encapsulating your crawl space with Everseal!


  • Crawl Space Drain Tile


Drain tile systems are not only for the interior and exterior of your foundation wall. Everseal basement installs crawl space drain tile systems when there is water in your crawl space.  The method is the same as an interior drain tile job; the only exception is the tight space our crew works in.


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