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At Everseal basement our focus is to provide the best quality and service to all our customers by ensuring they have the best experience possible. We are a family owned company and understand your needs and worries. Our team is prepared to do the best job using the top materials in the waterproofing industry. Our purpose is to leave you satisfied knowing your hard earned money was well spent with Everseal.

Everseal basement is founded on the principles of honesty and integrity. Everseal stands apart from the big waterproofing companies, as we see our customers as people not numbers. We understand the frustration and worry that comes with basement issues. We truly enjoy helping our customers.

Everseal is a family-run company based out of Aurora IL. We specialize in basement waterproofing solutions. We pride ourselves on offering the best value to our customers by offering superior quality at competitive prices. We treat all our customers with respect and honesty. Our company principles are:

  1. Always give your all in the work you do.
  2. Show up on time, every time.
  3. Be straightforward with the customer.
  4. Guarantee our customer’s satisfaction.
  5. Be up to date on the latest and best solutions in the industry.

Our company owner has always been a perfectionist in whatever he does. Throughout his years in the waterproofing industry he never left a job “good enough”, those words do not exist in his, or our vocabulary. We do our best work every time, all the time. Our measure of success is not how many customers we have, but how many happy customers we have!

There is a simple fact in the waterproofing industry: 98% of the techniques for basement waterproofing are the same. What sets our company apart is the dedication, quality workmanship and top quality materials we use in our work. Just a quick example for you: corrugated pipe vs. PVC pipe. 

Many waterproofing companies use outdated corrugated pipe, instead of the PVC pipe Everseal uses in our drain tile systems. It is a fact: PVC pipe drain tile systems are superior to drain tile systems installed with corrugated pipe. We have many customers who can attest to that. We know this and that is why we only use smooth PVC pipe on our drain tile installs. Using only the best materials and most current methods is how we do business.

Comprehensive Basement Services: Ensuring the Health of Your Home's Foundation and Drainage Systems

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A Letter from Our President

Throughout my career in waterproofing I worked with honesty, integrity and giving my all in whatever I did, in this case waterproofing basements. With this simple method I earned the respect of all my customers and employees.

I have dreams and goals in life, as do all of you. After years of working in the waterproofing industry, I decided to begin my own basement waterproofing company.  I established my company with these principles in mind: always doing what is right, being sincere, hardworking, honest and persevering in life, no matter what comes your way. The only way I believe you can get ahead in life is through giving 100% in whatever you do. 

I am 100% dedicated to my business and customers and I am proud to help people through my knowledge, hard work and dedication.


Ernesto Morales

Company President

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