Foundation Crack Repair


Seeing a crack in your foundation can be a worrying sight. A crack may not be leaking yet, but 99% of the time it will. A crack is an invitation not only for water to come into your basement, but also for unwanted insects. Foundation cracks are common in poured concrete foundations. Moisture from seepage creates the perfect environment for mold to form on your basement wood framing. We recommend before you begin your basement remodel you repair any cracks in your foundation. Many times homeowners bypass this step hoping the cracks will not leak. Unfortunately 99% of the time they do leak! Forcing homeowners to remove their rain soaked drywall and carpet. Whether your basement is unfinished or fully remodeled we can help!



  • Poor drainage- clogged gutters, badly installed gutters and poor yard grading all can channel water towards your basement walls.
  • Expanding soil- as the wet soil freezes during the winter months, the pressure it places against your foundation causes cracks in your basement wall. These freezing temperatures aggravate your cracks and can cause them to expand.
  • Hydrostatic Pressure- In other words, the pressure exerted on your basement from water. Hydrostatic pressure usually has two sources, the water table and rain saturated soil. Rain soaked soil elevates the water table. A higher water table brings water to the level of your home’s foundation. The hydrostatic pressure builds until it must be released, in turn causing seepage or flooding.


  • The Solution: Crack Repair

Now comes the good part: the solution! To stop the water seeping though the cracks, the best solution is an epoxy polyurethane injection. The properties of this injection foam allow it to expand into every crevice when done by a trained professional.

Everseal offers a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all of our crack repairs. WE ARE THE BEST Value IN THE CHICAGOLAND AREA!

There are many different solutions to basement waterproofing, call us today to find out which one will give you the dry basement you need. We guarantee we will find the solution to your wet basement and give you a worry free weekend!


  • Tie Rod Repair

Also known as form ties, tie rods are steel traps used to hold both sides of the concrete forms together when your foundation is first poured. Once the concrete has hardened and the forms are removed, the ends of the ties are broken off, leaving part of the steel rod embedded in the cured concrete. Over time, these can rust; leaving a small hole allowing water to seep through.  Tie rod seepage usually appears as small dime sized holes with a line of rusty water leaking from it. These small holes are fixed with a process similar to foundation crack repairs.